How have general public service media adapted to help broadcasting sport content whenever there are no in real time sports entertainment due to #COVID19? What nba중계 골드문티비 have many of us learned, and exactly how can many of us plan for a good resume live sport?

In that second event of each of our new sequence, EBU Classes from Lockdown, the brand-new Director of Eurovision Sport Glen Killane will be joined by Barbara Slater (BBC), Panu Pokkinen (Yle), and Dàvid Székely (MTVA) to discuss the challenges in addition to opportunties presented by the particular present catastrophe.

Together that they talk about innovative programming thoughts, how they have have built full use of the rich activity archive plus the challenges connected with broadcasting game with strict social isolating measures nonetheless in place.

Enjoy now on our Youtube channel (subtitles in English and French) or even download typically the transcript.